Why Hasn’t My Havanese Gone Into Heat?

My Havanese is 1 year and 3 weeks old and she has yet to have her first season. I am certain that I haven’t just failed to notice it since I have an intact male and hes never seemed interested even though he’s a proven stud. She is of normal weight and size, a beautiful healthy girl. Does anyone know why she hasn’t gone into heat?

5 thoughts on “Why Hasn’t My Havanese Gone Into Heat?”

  1. we have been breeding for years and some of our dogs have done this we had a yorkie that didnt have her first until she was like 2 and a half but after that she was normal with them and she had healthy nice puppies so I would say just give her time and it should happen
    good luck! 😀

  2. please, if you breed her, thats just going to mean more puppies in the shelter, which there are already enough. SPAY her!!! Right now, shelters need more homes to adopt for dogs who were bred and irresponsible owners bought and gave to the shelter. please spay her and save dogs. if you want more dogs/puppies then please go to the shelter and adopt one…

  3. ~ For your sake, hers and puppies everywhere that are homeless, I hope she never does. Only responsible breeders should have intact dogs, not average pet owners.

  4. are you a breeder… why else would you want her to go into heat? if you were a breeder you would know the answer, so stop breeding irresponsibly

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