What Breed Is Better? Havanese Or Maltese?

Ive heard that Havanese are better dogs than Maltese. Is this true? I read that Havanese have more colors to pick from and Maltese are just white. And that a Havanese would be better to compete. Or take on trips. But they both sound like great dogs and are both very pretty but do require grooming. I just want to know if the Havanese would be a better dog to own.

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2 thoughts on “What Breed Is Better? Havanese Or Maltese?”

  1. Both are great breeds. Better isn’t a very good way of describing dog breeds since what is better for one person may not be better for someone else.
    There are more colour choices with the havanese. The breed standard accepts all colours. The maltese has a pure white coat.
    Both dogs are small, the havanese tends to be slightly heavier and longer, but about the same height as the maltese. Whether or not they can be taken on trips is dependent on their training in the car so that they are accustomed to car rides.
    Overall, both are good dogs for different people. Do your research and look into different breeders before you make your choice.
    Good luck!

  2. I don’t know Havanese, but I do know maltese.
    As for being laid back, my four pound malt would run along side with me for blocks without stopping, but she gets plenty of excercise running around my house. She also loves to sit on the coach with me and watch tv. LOL Maltese are most loving dogs you will ever meet. They are just like babies, are one of the most human-like dog breeds. They are also very opinionated! They are people dogs, they love them, and from what I’ve read the forum, many malts don’t care too much about other dogs.
    The malts I know aren’t barkers, except maybe when the door bell rings…but what dog doesn’t bark then?
    Havanese are big boned, more sturdy and between 8-13 ounds. Maltese are tiny. Less than 7 pounds. They are very delicate and although they love kids, are not recommened to be with children unsupervised. Maltese are very delicate because they have fragile, tiny bones. I have read soooo many stories where children have accidently dropped a maltese and the poor dog suffered broken bones, brain damage and even death.
    Because of their tiny size, it also makes them very portable. I love just hopping in a car and running errans with my malt Gigi. Most places don’t mind, because she is in a little bag. Malts also look great dressed up in bows and outfits: http://i131.photobucket.com/albums/p283/…
    Potty-pad training them is the way to go! Before I got my first maltese, I thought I was going to have a walking schedule as well. Big waist of time. That’s one of the joys of having a small dog! No walks before bed and early in the morning! You can walk them when you feel like it. I honestly don’t know a person that has a dog that is less than seven pounds and walks them 3 times a day like most other dog breeds. They all use indoor pottys aka potty pads.
    Maltese should NEVER be outside in the yard alone for any time periods. If they are not food for other larger animals like coyotes and hawks and even larger dogs, they can be stolen by greedy people b/c maltese puppies are really expensive.
    Maltese don’t do well home alone for many hours in general. They are bred to be companions! And Maltese puppies, under any circumstances, can not be left home alone at all for more than an hour! Because they are so tiny as puppy, they can suffer hypoglycephemia(low blood sugar) really fast. This is also with any small dogs that will be 7 pounds or under full grown.
    Did you watch the Greatest American Dog show last summer? The malt that came in second place, Andrew is a great representation of a malt.
    Most malts are good with cats: http://spoiledmaltese.com/forum/uploads/…
    Here’s a cute video of malt puppies and cats, from the website of a top breeder: http://richmaltese.com/Puppies_.html
    I love the pure white coat on malts, it makes it better to see those big black eyes. I also love when malts move in full coat: http://i131.photobucket.com/albums/p283/…

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