What About A Havanese Mix?

I posted a question about a right dog for my family a while ago and someone mentioned the Havanese, I did a little research and they seem right. we are looking for a low shed-no shed dog, small, easy at training, and good with kids. I know they can be pricey and are pretty rare. So if I were to get a mix like a Coton de Tulear/Havanese or Maltese/Havanese would it be cheaper and would it affect what we are looking for greatly? Thanx for any help.

3 thoughts on “What About A Havanese Mix?”

  1. If you want a mix please, do not ever purchase from a pet store or so called ‘breeder.’ No reputable breeder would purposely breed mixed dogs. Don’t buy into the stupid ‘designer dog’ fad! Shelters are a great place to look for an affordable companion
    (plus you’re saving life!).
    Why do you need to look for a mix? Purebred Havanese, Maltese, & Coton de Tulear are already great family dogs! The Coton De Tulear is a rare breed and it’s highly unlikely you will find a mix or purebred in the shelter. Havanese/mixes are quite uncommon also, but the Maltese is very popular and easy to find in rescues/shelters.

  2. No-Shed, Low-Shed often just means that they don’t drop their coat all over the floor. It doesn’t mean you don’t have to groom it – in fact you will have to groom it to get the dead coat out. Just thought you’d better know that.
    The two mixes you mention are just that – mixes. And they would NOT be cheaper.

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