Has Anyone Found A Havanese Breeder Where They Had A Pleasant And Knowledgable Experience With? Thanks?

If your wanting to look more into this breed u can do so by searching C.K.C.A.
Canadian,kennel,club,association.They also have an American kennel club.They will have lists of breeders of all dogs n u can read up on the breeder n there dogs.What there like n feedback from people who have bought the breed from them.

What Do You Call A Cocker Spaniel Mixed With A Havanese?

Just another useless nasty BYBd MUTT/MONGREL!

Any Experiences With Your Havanese, Maltese Or Shih Tzu?

Please tell me about their temperant, grooming, and especially health. Thanks!!

What To Do With A Havanese?

So I have done my research for at least 4 months and the Havanese seems to be the dog for my family. We are (hopefully) getting one this summer. So now we have time to prepare. We already have a kennel in the garage from our previous dog (and we will wash it down and everything) we are going to exchange the carpet for wood flooring in the family room and you know why. So what else is there to prepare our home and family for a havanese puppy (and it will be a girl) Thanks for any help!

How Do I Stop My Dog’s Fur Matting And Tangling? He’s A Havanese With Beautiful Silky Fur Which Mats Easily.

I have tried putting him in different coats to protect his own coat from water and mud and grass, but they actually cause as much matting as the elements do. Also collars mat and tangle his hair. Does anybody else have this problem with their Havanese? I’ve been told that their adult coat is easier to groom, but it takes 2 of us about half an hour a day (one to hold, one to brush) and he hates it, and he still gets mats of tangled fur around his neck where the collar goes. Is it just something we have to live with? I never bathe him before brushing him, but he loves to go for long walks in the forest, where he gets muddy and wet in our English weather. If anyone knows how to keep these wonderful dogs mat-free, I’d love to hear from you, and Darby will be eternally grateful too!

Can You Run With Havanese/shih Tzu?

I have a 5 month old havanese/shih tzu and he has alot of energy so i was wondering if you could run with them? Are they running dogs?

Are Havanese Good With Chinchillas?

I am planning on getting one to accompany my havanese when ever my family goes out (which happens about once a week).

Does Anyone Have An Experience With The Havanese Breed Of Dog? Would You Recommend Me To Get One?

Please write your experiences. Thanks!

Could A Small Dog Like A Havanese Mate With A Mastiff Or Great Dane?

All 3 dogs are scheduled to be fixed in 6-8 weeks of time(this is when the vet was available?
Could a Small dog like a Havanese mate with a Mastiff or Great Dane?
should they be kept separate when they are in heat?
They don’t socialize with other dogs just with each other,but is it safe to leave them together while one is in heat?

How Can I Register My Havanese With The Akc When Both Of His Parents Are Ckc?

I was told that it is not allowed but I hope they were wrong!