Which Breed Of Dog Should I Get: Norwich Terrier, Shih Tzu, Or Havanese?

I know that I really have to meet the ones, but I want you guys’ opinion. On my last question, I got a mean and insultingly idiotic answer, so please… don’t. However, for those who want to help becasue I really can’t decide, thanks. 🙂

Which Dog Is Cuter Beagle Or Havanese?

i think havanese aren’t cute but I’m wondering which dog is cuter to you?

Which Dog Is Smarter Beagle Or Havanese?

I’m just wondering. . . . . . . . .

I Cannot Decide Which Breed Of Dog To Get! Im Stuck Between Havanese And A Shih Tzu. Please Help!?

Here is some good research on both breeds. Read about them, write down all the pros and cons that you may have about each breed as you read about them, compare how many pros and cons that you’ve written about them, and pick the one that has more pros than cons. :0)
Shih Tzuhttp://www.yourpurebredpuppy.com/reviews…http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shih_Tzuhttp://www.dogbreedinfo.com/shihtzu.htmhttp://www.akc.org/breeds/shih_tzu/index…

How Do I Stop My Dog’s Fur Matting And Tangling? He’s A Havanese With Beautiful Silky Fur Which Mats Easily.

I have tried putting him in different coats to protect his own coat from water and mud and grass, but they actually cause as much matting as the elements do. Also collars mat and tangle his hair. Does anybody else have this problem with their Havanese? I’ve been told that their adult coat is easier to groom, but it takes 2 of us about half an hour a day (one to hold, one to brush) and he hates it, and he still gets mats of tangled fur around his neck where the collar goes. Is it just something we have to live with? I never bathe him before brushing him, but he loves to go for long walks in the forest, where he gets muddy and wet in our English weather. If anyone knows how to keep these wonderful dogs mat-free, I’d love to hear from you, and Darby will be eternally grateful too!

Which Is Better Dog Havanese Or Papillon?

Which is better as far as not being a yapper, being affectionate, and overall?

Which Dog Is Better For Apartment Living The Miniature Schnauzer Or The Havanese?

Also which one is more playful and friendly?
THanks!! <3

Which Breed Would Be Better?

Either the Coton de Tulear or Havanese. They are pretty similair and are in the same “family”. My family wants a dog that
Doesn’t shed a lot.
Can be playful but still likes to lay in your lap or be petted
Is small
Easy to train
Good with children
and isn’t aggressive.
The fur is soft to touch
Both breeds hit all of standards and I also know that you can keep the Havanese in a puppy cut which is what I would like to do and I read that you can’t do that with a Coton. So which one?

Which Of These Dogs Is Cuter & Easier To Train.?

which of these dogs are cuter & easier to train.
Group 1
Maltipoo : http://puppies.grousehouse.org/photos/20…
Toy Poodle : http://www.chicagoclout.com/weblog/archi…
Shih tzu : http://dog-allergies-123.com/wp-content/…
Group 2:
Shih tzu : http://dog-allergies-123.com/wp-content/…
Shih tzu/poodle : http://cdn-www.dailypuppy.com/media/dogs…
Group 3 :

Which Breed Of Dog Is Right For Me?

I’m trying to find a good dog for me. Here are some things I find important.
I live in a townhouse with a small yard, but I don’t plan on doing much exercise with the dog in the yard outside of maybe a game like fetch.
I’d like a dog capable of jogging with me. I’m just starting out, but a dog capable of jogging a 2-3 miles would be great. This may just be training, but I’d like the dog to stay near me and go at my pace. I want to walk the dog, not have the dog walk me.
I’m a college student. I would be home between classes during the day and at night. I’d most likely be taking the dog running early mornings before class. The longest the dog would ever have to be home alone is 6 hours (I’m being generous with time, I doubt I’d ever have to leave them for that long)
I’d like a dog that doesn’t have long hair, and won’t need to frequent the groomers. Shedding is okay, but I don’t want to be pulling handfuls out (assuming I groom them regularly).
I’d like a companion. A dog that looks forward to spending time with you. Additionally, I’d like a medium sized dog (Nothing bigger than say, a dalmatian, but nothing too small either (my mom has a havanese…small dogs like this just can’t keep up on long jogs)
Looking to spend no more than $1000 on the dog itself..