Has Anyone Found A Havanese Breeder Where They Had A Pleasant And Knowledgable Experience With? Thanks?

If your wanting to look more into this breed u can do so by searching C.K.C.A.
Canadian,kennel,club,association.They also have an American kennel club.They will have lists of breeders of all dogs n u can read up on the breeder n there dogs.What there like n feedback from people who have bought the breed from them.

Where Can I View A Photo Of Chacha, The Havanese Dog Owned By Barbara Walters?

I googled this on images and on Yahoo images and dogpile. There were pics of Havanese, but not of hers. She might not have a pic available.

Where Can I Find Someone Who Is Selling Shi Tzu Or Havanese Pups Online?? For Cheap?

any websites? or sellers?? or people who are just giving them away would be fine also!!

Where Can I Find A Reputable Maltese Or Havanese Breeder In Colorado?

this is the link to the havanese club of america, they have breeder referralshttp://www.havaneseclubofamerica.org/ind…

Anyone Know Where I Can Get A Havanese Puppy For Under $1000?

I live in Las Vegas, so the closer the better, but overall location does not matter.

Where Can I Find A Male Havanese In Connecticut?

I want my dog to have puppies.

Where Can I Find A Havanese Dog Breeder?

i have a three/four month old havanese dog. she is pure bred, and distinct breed. i am wanting to find a breeder, she is not registared just yet but she will be when she is six months. her name is shay-shay! she is all black. so if you know anyone with a pure bred with papers havanese please let me know. thanks

Can Anyone Tell Me Where I Can Find A Havanese Breeder In The Uk?

Also any help/advise on this breed please?

Where Can I Find A Non Allergenic Havanese Dog?

Where can I find a non allergenic Havanese dog?
any help would be appreciated because I really want a dog but my mom is allergic

Does Anyone Know Where I Can Find A Havanese Puppy That Does Not Have An Outrageous Price?

My son saw one of these dogs and absolutely loves them! I really would like to get one for him for his birthday in April..Any suggestions on where to find one online or in or around Louisiana?
Thank you all very much!