Does Anyone Know Any Havanese Breeders If So Plz Give Their Name,tel And Website Ect! No Scams Please Thanks!?

Hi my names Emerald and my friend would like a dog preferably a havnese and I thought some of you guys might know some breeders!So does any one know any havanese breeders. If so please would you give me their name and details and if they have a website I would love you to give me the web adress! Thank you Emerald!!!!!

Does A Havanese Dog Shed Their Fur When They Are In Heat?

We are about to get our Havanes dog. She is 14 months ago and no longer able to participate in dog shows because of her fur. The breeder said that she has “blown” her fur because she is was just in heat. What does this mean? Am I using the correct terminology?

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Does Anyone Here Crate Train Their Puppies?

We are crate training our new Havanese and my wife wants to know whether it is a good idea to leave water in the crate or feed and water them in the morning and wait until she gets home from work to water and feed them more? She needs to get it housebroken ASAP since we both work (off for Christmas vacation at present).