My 12 Lb Havanese Ate Some Chicken Bones Tonight. What Should I Be Watching For? So Far She Seems Ok?

Well, with cooked chicken bones there is the concern of splintering which can cause choking. Fortunately she got them down alright. I would watch for vomiting, diarrhea, and any unusual behavior. Hopefully, she chewed them up well enough that there won’t be any problems digesting them. However, if she loses her appetite and starts acting ill call your vet right away.

Need Some Advice On Breeds… Havanese Or Westie?

I am getting a puppy and have narrowed it down to a Havanese or Westie. If you have personal experiences with either of these dogs, what are some of their pros/cons, and which breed would be the best?
Also, I am not going to a shelter and I am not looking for info cut and pasted from the internet… I can do that. Just interested in opinions from people who have actually owned one or the other. Thanks!

I Want To Teach My Havanese/poodle (he Looks Like A Maltese :o)) Some Tricks, But I Don’t Know Which And How

Any suggestions? He’s 3 years old, is it too late?

How Can I Stop My Dog From Being Aggressive To New People And Some Other Dogs?

I have a 1 year old male maltese. Yes he is neutered. At home w/me and my family he is the sweetest dog in the whole world. But when he meets new people, such as my friends, he just goes nuts! He won’t stop barking at them and sometimes he even bites atthey’rere ankles and feet! We have tried giving the new people treats to give to my dog so he will like them but sometimes he doesnt take the treats. Then i have no idea what to do! I need help please! Also, he barks and lunges at most dogs. They’re are only about 2 dogs that he likes and they are a little yorkie (male) and a little havanese (female). You would think that he doesnt have a problem with little dogs, only big dogs. But theyre is another maltese across the street who is a little smaller than my dog is and he lunges and barks at the other dog. And the other dog isnt even doing anything! Please I have no idea what to do. We tried taking him to training for 8 weeks once a week but that didnt do anything. It just taught him simple commands like sit and stay which he already knew. Please i need some help. Getting a personal trainer for him is out of the question because my parents don’t want to spend the money. I need to know how to train him on my own.