Does Anyone Know Any Havanese Breeders If So Plz Give Their Name,tel And Website Ect! No Scams Please Thanks!?

Hi my names Emerald and my friend would like a dog preferably a havnese and I thought some of you guys might know some breeders!So does any one know any havanese breeders. If so please would you give me their name and details and if they have a website I would love you to give me the web adress! Thank you Emerald!!!!!

Does Anyone Know (for A Fact) If Pomerainians, Pugs, Or Havanese Are Considered By Vets To Be Low Allergy?

i would love to get one of those crossed with another low allergy breed, maybe a poodle or bichon.Also does anyone know which of the low allergy breeds tend to be the cheapest? I can’t believe how much little dogs are now going for.

Does Anyone Know Of Somewhere That I Can Race My Havanese?

he is really fast

I Want To Teach My Havanese/poodle (he Looks Like A Maltese :o)) Some Tricks, But I Don’t Know Which And How

Any suggestions? He’s 3 years old, is it too late?

I Really Need To Know A Havanese Breeder?

If you give me the name of one breeder I will put you as best answer! I really need to know the contact details of a breeder and the web adress. Preferably of a havnese breeder. thank you so much Emerald

Does Anyone Know Anything About Havanese?

We have a Dogue de Bordeaux (French Mastiff), border collie and beagle…was thinking of getting a Havanese to finish up the kennel (LOL!!!). Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Will My Havanese Dog Need Boots This Winter? (types Of Boots If You Know Any) ?

I just bought a havanese doggy and it snows alot here so i was wondering if he will need boots to keep his feet warm. Also will he need clothing because i will keep him in the “puppy cut”

Anyone Know Anything About Havanese Dogs?

I’m looking for how they act, what colors do they come in. How much do they cost, and can you just get the short haired ones?

Anyone Have Or Know About The Havanese Breed?? Question About Thier Hair?

I just got a Havanese puppy and not too many people that I’ve asked have even heard of them. So, he is dark brown/black on top and cream colored underneath, I was wondering if I take him to the groomer and they cut his hair will the brown/black grow back or will he then be cream colored forever?

Give Aways

Anyone Know Where I Can Get A Havanese Puppy For Under $1000?

I live in Las Vegas, so the closer the better, but overall location does not matter.