Has Anyone Found A Havanese Breeder Where They Had A Pleasant And Knowledgable Experience With? Thanks?

If your wanting to look more into this breed u can do so by searching C.K.C.A.
Canadian,kennel,club,association.They also have an American kennel club.They will have lists of breeders of all dogs n u can read up on the breeder n there dogs.What there like n feedback from people who have bought the breed from them.

Havanese Dog Owners Personal Experience?

I will be getting a havanese puppy next saturday, and I was wondering if anyone owns a havanese…
What do you absolutely love about it
What do you hate or what behavior do you hate
And any other thing you can tell me about your dog let me know Thanks
I am not talking about breed information because ive researched alot.

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Does Anyone Have An Experience With The Havanese Breed Of Dog? Would You Recommend Me To Get One?

Please write your experiences. Thanks!

Havanese Experience? Considering A Havanese We Found But Don’t Know Much Actual Experience?

I can read all day long about the breed but want to hear from actual Havanese owners. Good or bad? How tough to housebreak? Does that fur matt easily?
I know, pound dogs are great. Just asking about this purebred right now.

Does Anyone Have Experience With Havanese Dogs?

I’m considering this breed for our family since we have a 5 yr old daughter. I’m told they are excellent with children. I don’t think I’ve ever known one as my past experience has been with terriers. Anyone have/had one?

Have You Ever Met A Breed Champion? What Was Your First Experience With One?

I have been around mutts and other “normal” type dogs my entire life. I saw a dog training demonstration with this adorable little Havanese having a blast showing off his tricks (including agility, directed retrieve, and long stays). It turns out that this little guy was not only very well-trained, but also a breed champion. I realized this is the first titled dog I’ve ever met!
I was impressed with the guy. What are your stories?