Does Anyone Know Any Havanese Breeders If So Plz Give Their Name,tel And Website Ect! No Scams Please Thanks!?

Hi my names Emerald and my friend would like a dog preferably a havnese and I thought some of you guys might know some breeders!So does any one know any havanese breeders. If so please would you give me their name and details and if they have a website I would love you to give me the web adress! Thank you Emerald!!!!!

Does Anyone Know (for A Fact) If Pomerainians, Pugs, Or Havanese Are Considered By Vets To Be Low Allergy?

i would love to get one of those crossed with another low allergy breed, maybe a poodle or bichon.Also does anyone know which of the low allergy breeds tend to be the cheapest? I can’t believe how much little dogs are now going for.

Does Anyone Know Of Somewhere That I Can Race My Havanese?

he is really fast

Does Anyone Know Anything About Havanese?

We have a Dogue de Bordeaux (French Mastiff), border collie and beagle…was thinking of getting a Havanese to finish up the kennel (LOL!!!). Any info would be greatly appreciated.

How Much Does An Adult Havanese Weight?

Good Question, in Canada and US a weight is not given in the conformation standard. The Havanese does not have to be really light. Depending on the size of a Havanese the weight ranges from 7-22lbs. I own a very athletic agility Havanese that stands 11″ at the withers. She weighs 18-20lbs depending on how much training she does and her muscle mass.
From the AKC Standard
“The height range is from 8½ to 11½ inches, with the ideal being between 9 and 10½ inches, measured at the withers, and is slightly less than the length from point of shoulder to point of buttocks, creating a rectangular outline rather than a square one. The Havanese is a sturdy little dog, and should never appear fragile. A coarse dog with excessive bone is likewise contrary to type and therefore equally undesirable.”
check out this site for the abc’s on Havanese…

How Much Does A Havanese (dog Breed) Cost On Average In The Uk?

They are new breed to the UK and will therefore not be cheap or easy to obtain. Contact the Sec. of the breed club who will be able to answer any questions you have:

Does Anyone Have An Experience With The Havanese Breed Of Dog? Would You Recommend Me To Get One?

Please write your experiences. Thanks!

Does Anyone Know Of A Havanese Breeder Near Ny?

I am getting a Havanese and I need to find a breeder.
The breeder doesnt have to be in NY, it can be in PA or CT or NJ.
If you do can you put a website link below?
Thanks so much!

Does A Havanese Dog Shed Their Fur When They Are In Heat?

We are about to get our Havanes dog. She is 14 months ago and no longer able to participate in dog shows because of her fur. The breeder said that she has “blown” her fur because she is was just in heat. What does this mean? Am I using the correct terminology?

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Does Anyone Have Experience With Havanese Dogs?

I’m considering this breed for our family since we have a 5 yr old daughter. I’m told they are excellent with children. I don’t think I’ve ever known one as my past experience has been with terriers. Anyone have/had one?