Which Breed Of Dog Should I Get: Norwich Terrier, Shih Tzu, Or Havanese?

I know that I really have to meet the ones, but I want you guys’ opinion. On my last question, I got a mean and insultingly idiotic answer, so please… don’t. However, for those who want to help becasue I really can’t decide, thanks. 🙂

Is A Havanese Dog A Mix Breed Of 2 Dogs?

The Havanese is an actual, AKC breed all it’s own.

Is A Havanese Or A Yorkie A Good Breed For Apartment In New York??

i have a yorkie and when i first got him i lived in a 350 sq. ft studio. he was fine though. i moved the furniture in the room so there was kind of like a dog run from the front door, down the hallway to a chair where i would sit and through his ball back and forth. you will have to move furniture around to get the right traffic patterns. he got a lot of exercise by doing this and i was able to get away with walking him only twice a day. yorkies are great dogs. i highly recommend them. i also highly recommend having 2 dogs though. it changed things completely for me. they are the best of friends and he always has someone to play with when i need to get my school work done. i don’t feel as guilty.

What Breed Is Better? Havanese Or Maltese?

Ive heard that Havanese are better dogs than Maltese. Is this true? I read that Havanese have more colors to pick from and Maltese are just white. And that a Havanese would be better to compete. Or take on trips. But they both sound like great dogs and are both very pretty but do require grooming. I just want to know if the Havanese would be a better dog to own.

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I Cannot Decide Which Breed Of Dog To Get! Im Stuck Between Havanese And A Shih Tzu. Please Help!?

Here is some good research on both breeds. Read about them, write down all the pros and cons that you may have about each breed as you read about them, compare how many pros and cons that you’ve written about them, and pick the one that has more pros than cons. :0)
Shih Tzuhttp://www.yourpurebredpuppy.com/reviews…http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shih_Tzuhttp://www.dogbreedinfo.com/shihtzu.htmhttp://www.akc.org/breeds/shih_tzu/index…

Do You Think Getting A Purebred Or Mixed Breed Havanese Is Better?

I was considering health. It would be awful if the havanese comes down with a genetic health problem. So responsible breeders are the best bet. On the other hand, what about animal shelters? Will most of the dogs there have health problems? Thanks!!

Anyone Have Or Know About The Havanese Breed?? Question About Thier Hair?

I just got a Havanese puppy and not too many people that I’ve asked have even heard of them. So, he is dark brown/black on top and cream colored underneath, I was wondering if I take him to the groomer and they cut his hair will the brown/black grow back or will he then be cream colored forever?

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How Much Does A Havanese (dog Breed) Cost On Average In The Uk?

They are new breed to the UK and will therefore not be cheap or easy to obtain. Contact the Sec. of the breed club who will be able to answer any questions you have:http://www.havaneseclub.co.uk/

Does Anyone Have An Experience With The Havanese Breed Of Dog? Would You Recommend Me To Get One?

Please write your experiences. Thanks!

Could You Tell Me About The Havanese Breed?

*How much grooming is needeed?
*Are they intellingent?
*How much do they cost?
*How high is the energy level and exercise needs?
*What questions should I ask a breeder before I purchase?
*How playful and affectionate are they?
*Would you reccomend them to me if I have a regular sized house and yard, no kids under eight, a person at home all day or most of the time, and that I travel
a lot in planes (to China) and want to take it?
*Do they bark our bite a lot?
You don’t have to answer all of them, I was just thinking about getting one. Thanks!!