My Havanese Puppy Is Coughing?

I got a havanese puppy today. She’s very friendly, happy and playful, but when she’s laying down she starts to cough. (It sounds like a snort, but she opens her mouth when she does it.) Does she have kennel cough? Or is she not coughing, but doing something else like a reverse sneeze?
I can’t take her to the vet until Monday, since they’re closed on weekends, but I’m definatly taking her. (She still needs a one more shot.)

5 thoughts on “My Havanese Puppy Is Coughing?”

  1. Coughing could be a sign of many different problems, from something as “simple” as kennel cough to something more severe like heart problems (usually more common in older dogs).
    Having her examined by a vet is the only way to determine the problem. The vet may recommend things like bloodwork or radiographs (x-rays) if there’s nothing obvious on the examination.
    A good way to help the vet understand what you’re seeing and hearing is try video taping it when it happens and bringing it with you to the vet.
    I would also recommend keeping the pup away from any other dogs in case it is kennel cough as that is a highly contagious disease in dogs.
    Congratulations on your new pup & Good Luck! 🙂

  2. Uh, call the breeder — you just got her today so the breeder should be the first person you call unless you got it from an irresponsible back yard greeder who doesn’t care or a puppy miller or their broker a pet store… then it will likely die…
    But if you were responsible and got it from a knowledgeable, caring breeder, they won’t care what time of day or night, they will want to know about the pup and can help you decide what to do…

  3. Your doggy has kennel cough. It is highly contagious, so do not let any other dogs around her until it is cured. It is not deadly if you seek treatment. It will be fine to take her on Monday. Kennel cough is common to dogs that used to live in close quarters. They can also catch it easily from sniffing places where infected animals were also present. It is not serious if treated early.

  4. If it is kennel cough, she is coughing up a white mucus, and she needs her Bordatella vaccine.
    If for some reason this dog may be part chihuahua, they can reverse there epiglotti’s and make a “honking” sound but i highly doubt it would happen unless in a purebred chihuahua, but it may be something that occurs in havanese, too, i am not sure.
    She may as well also have a respitory problem or some other problem. Unless she is showing obvious signs of a certain sickness, you never quite know until you take her to the vet.
    But you should call your breeder to, you cought a sick puppy from comeone who didn’t get her checked if she noticed coughing before you bought her – and now you have to pay for her vet bill. Unless this is just now occuring /today/.

  5. It may be kennel cough or an upper respiratory infection.
    Since the vet is closed until Monday- close the bathroom door and turn on the shower as hot as you can- then take the dog into the bathroom so the steam is in it- that will help open her up.
    Make sure and get her to the vet as soon as you can though.

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